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Your Success Newsletter - January - February, 2009 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
Welcome Back Lawrence Summers

Names and faces that are familiar with better times are usually a welcome sign.  The
recent appointment of Lawrence Summers to a high-level position within the Obama
Administration is no exception.  Lawrence Summers is a former Treasury Secretary
who served in the Clinton Administration.  Summers went on to become the
president of Harvard University and other positions before being selected to help
assist in the recovery of the U.S. economy.

I had the privilege of meeting the former Treasury Secretary while I was a member of
the Rainbow-Push Ninth Street Project.  Summers impressed me as a competent
and committed individual (who asked me?), but it goes further than competence and
commitment.  In my humble opinion, remaining grounded and keeping one’s word is
the mortar that helps one to create a firm foundation.  Such was the case during my
meeting with Summers.

The occasion was a meeting at which students were acknowledged for their
participation in Investment Education.  I asked Summers if he would consent to a
photo with the students after the program.  He agreed, but as the program came to a
close, several very competent but anxious Secret Service Agents begin their move
to usher Summers away.  As I stood quickly to move toward Summers to remind him
of the photos, two of those agents fixed their gaze on me as though I was about to
become extinct.  “Mr. Secretary” I said, and he calmed the agents, posed, and
thanked me for the reminder.  

We are probably all acquainted with more people than we care to admit, that at that
moment, would have become “too important” for a few teenagers and one amateur
photographer.  Lawrence Summers, in spite of the high position he held, reached
down and thereby demonstrated a willingness to lead and inspire.  Once again I
thank him and wish him well in the challenges he now faces.

Henry & Dianne Ford


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