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Your Success Newsletter - January - February, 2009 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
An "Ah Ha" Moment
Thank You to Sherri Walker, Author of Mistress of The Game
Article by Henry Ford

Being in the business of helping others is sometimes challenging, and there
are more than a few occasions that can cause one to ask “Why am I trying
so hard?”  Ironically, many people don’t believe they deserve or can receive
help.  Some think they are entitled to help, but fail to respond positively if
they receive help.  Others think if you want to help, you are out to steal
something from them.  Many either forgot how (or never learned) to say
Thank You!  Those are just some of the reasons I can think of.

But then along comes that “Ah Ha” moment, a moment when gratitude
breaks the silence of apathy and unresponsiveness.  One such moment
came to me recently in an e-mail from Sherrie Walker, author of
Mistress of
the Game
.  In the December issue, Essence Magazine announced that
Mistress of the Game ranked number five on the Essence best sellers list.

Our E-mail campaign and promotion of the book at www.webpartners.
org/linkauthorsartists.html may or may not have had a significant effect on
Sherrie’s accomplishment.  What is important is that she called “time out”
from her celebration to acknowledge the efforts of someone who tried to
help.  That “time out” has earned our gratitude and promise of continued
and increased support.  Read Sherrie’s message below.


Hi Henry,

Just wanted to share this awesome news and extend many thanks to you for
reading and supporting Mistress of the Game. Look what outstanding and
rewarding elements have been generated...Mistress of the Game ranked
number five on ESSENCE best sellers list (December 2008 issue)!!!

Again, thanks.

Happy Holiday Season!

Sherrie Walker


We ask (and we know) that Sherrie will save us “room at the top!”  THANKS

If you have Mistress of the Game, DO NOT loan it because that’s the best
way not to see it again.  The book can be ordered at

The following comments about
Mistress of the Game were posted by Black
Expressions book club review.

Elise, Aparis and LaKiesha know all too well about tough times and fighting
to survive. Best friends since St. Henry’s Orphanage, each endured her own
personal hell before they came together. Elise killed her crack-addicted
mother’s abusive husband and was disowned. LaKiesha watched in horror as
her parents were both brutally slain by drug dealers in their middle-class
home. Aparis witnessed both her parents burn to death, victims of a hate
crime. But it’s only after they escape St. Henry’s that the hard lessons they’ve
learned begin to set the stage for their entry and rapid success in a do-or-
die game on the Cleveland streets. But will their painful pasts get in the way
as they claw their way to the top of the game?

Henry & Dianne Ford


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