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Your Success Newsletter - January - February, 2009 - Published Bi-Monthly

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18
Journey to South Africa
with Rukiya Lee
3rd in a Series of 4
In the Nov-Dec issue of VISIONS, we brought you comments from
Rukiya Lee’s exciting trip to Africa.  This is the third in that series.  
Please enjoy and “stay tuned” for more in the Mar-Apr issue.


Posted by Rukiya Lee at 7:43 AM 2 comments
Sunday, June 22, 2008
Bon Voyage!!

The time is upon me and I'm strangely calm. Of course I've been
running around, preparing, trying to read up to understand this
phenomena called the Truth and Reconciliation commission but I
am ridiculously unanxious. Okay that's not quite true, I do have to
admit to quite a few travel anxiety dreams...I arrive and everything
I've packed is totally wrong. I am, I think, ready for this. This trip
coming together has been miracle upon miracle...I have no other
way to describe it except that I'm loved and supported by an
amazing community of brilliant people who inspire and propel me.

We had a party, so many people could not make it, but we had tons
of fun with those who did and I definitely got a good send off. It's
real, I'm going, stay post, South Africa!

We’re tired of waiting on Rukiya to show up, we’re outa’ here!

Posted by Rukiya Lee at 10:25 AM 1 comment
Friday, June 27, 2008 Sun Rises Over Africa

I watched the sun rise over Dakar and set in Cape Town. I am in
Africa!!! Cape Town's beauty is unimaginable, its complexity
unspeakable. Shocking as it may sound I have gone almost silent.
From the airport I passed acres of shanty shacks held together by
little more than tin cans (literally) and ascended through the city to
gated colonial homes and trendy shops. Immediately I felt the
weight, the anger, the shame of Apartheid oppression and its not
even my home. What does post South Africa look like? I don't think
I can say yet. I see the segregation and tentative relationships
across cultural lines and it reminds me of 60's era U.S. I also see
beauty, and this strange sense of accomplishment and hope, a
newness, a sense of rebirth. However, I can't truly say what it is that
I am seeing. I have not been inside this place long enough to see if
these initial perspectives are accurate, if they are my own American
lens. It could be that there may be much I can't see because of
where I come from. Hence the silence, I will see what I can. I can
say with definite certainty that I am have an experience unlike that
of my group. What I feel here is heavy, pulling, speaking to me so
that I cannot yet speak.

These first few days of this learning experience have been about
framing the history of colonialism, South Africa and Apartheid. We
have already perused downtown, traveled by Kombi (a van like Taxi
run by Black South Africans) all the way to the Black Townships
and visited the water side tourist spots. This initial part of the
journey is the "White South African" experience. We are living in a
beautiful bed and breakfast in a pristine White neighborhood,
guarded by gates, alarms and patrolmen. Soon we will go to live
with our families in the Black Town Ships and experience another
South Africa all together.

Black or White, South Africa is fecund and vital. Something has
happened here, something is happening, something will happen. I
could not be more grateful to be here.


Forgot the USB cord so no pics this time :-( But promise to post
some from here on out.


The 4th and last of this series is scheduled
for the Mar-Apr 2009 issue.

Henry & Dianne Ford


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